Market51 is the bridge to the market that you want. If you are looking to bring your products into China or to bring products from China, we are the people for you. We have decades of experience selling into the Chinese market and are looking for partners to help them expand into one of the worlds most populous nations. At the same time we have aided in the completion of projects desiring to bring products from China and South East Asia into North America.


Property Management

We manage properties for our clients in China and the lower mainland. We are certified property managers that can take the hassle of owning rental property away. Talk to us today about listing your property with us.


Project Management

If you have a project that you need to complete, our project managers can ensure that it is done in a timely and efficient manner in either China or North America.

Product Development

Do you have an idea for something without knowing where to get it made in scale to hit the market? Do you want to get the best balance of cost and reliability from your outsourced products? We can deliver that to you.


We are currently looking for opportunities to invest in promising companies within North America. If you are interested in pitching an idea or a business that is interested in acquiring funding, please send us an inquiry.

Chinese Social Media Marketing

Are you looking to break into the mainland-Chinese market within B.C.?  We can help you reach your target demographic through the use of Chinese social media.  We will bring your goods and services to the market that you seek.


Are you looking for the best manufacturer of your product?  Is there a product out there that you are looking for a reliable source for?  Our factory inspection team will find what you are looking for.  Please send inquiries to and we will help you find what you are looking for.

Phone: 778-344-1761